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Valerie is a military veteran, author, business woman, entrepreneur, and mom of 9 children. She survived a heart-shattering journey from abundance to loss and finally into restoration after living the shock of spousal betrayal.  Now wiser and stronger, Valerie shares her gains with moms in relationship trauma - empowering them to rise up out of their ashes of despair. Her programs guide mothers to brave it through life's darkest battles while mindfully parenting and growing into a better version of self.   
Supporting married and single moms 

Popular TUFF Mama Time programs (virtual and in person):  Contact us to discuss your program needs.

Living with a TUFF Mama Mindset: Tenacious, Uncommon, Fireproof & Fit

Mama duty is serious non-stop work that demands a game plan to get through it all.  This program helps moms see how to effectively parent and manage a home with loving intention - but without losing themselves.  This programs focus is on the core of being a TUFF Mama.  Topics clarify what it means to be::

- Tenacious (doing whatever it reasonably takes), 

- Uncommon (stepping outside the box to do what others won't), 

- Fireproof (withstanding attacks on your personhood), and 

- Emotionally Fit (maintaining emotional toughness through the hardest parts of your challenge) 

Emotional Survival: Braving Life's Toughest Battles without Falling Apart

Life can wear you down and then sucker punch you in ways that make you question moving onward.  That's when you need to hear from Valerie, someone who went through hell and back, surviving due to an emotional resilience that kept her focused on showing up.  Having the will and then the tools to make it to the next day is what we often need.  This program helps moms to see the value in themselves, their struggle and their progress beyond challenge.

Finding Your Way to the Best Version of You after Life Sucker Punches and the Wheels Fly Off

When over 50% of marriages are ending in divorce, and when numbers of decades-long relationships are unexpectedly ending, restarting life can be devastating.  Whether you didn't see it coming or you believed with high hopes for a better outcome, you've landed on rock bottom with the proverbial wind knocked out of you.  Herself a survivor of relationship trauma and unexpected abandonment, Valerie takes the hurting and devastated mother to better, self-preserving heights.  It's TUFF Mama Time to move self forward, again.

Mama - Don't Lose You!  Self-preserving Relationship Boundaries 

Moms are often the focal point of the family with everyone overwhelming her with their endless needs and desires.  It's easy to lose yourself, always feeling the need to answer to everybody else's incessant demands.  Before you face burnout or accept misplaced guilt, maybe it's time to teach your family to respect your boundaries.  After all, your family will treat you however you train them to.  Here are supports to restore dignity, space and a sense of individuality as a mother while teaching your family not to tread on you.


Mustering Your Children to Do their Part -  Keeping Order in Your Home 

If you find yourself maintaining your home with minimal assistance from your children, this program is for you.  Keeping reasonable order in your home is quite doable; however, you cannot do it alone.  Valerie single-handedly designed and operated this program when most of her 9 children were still at home.  She was able to maintain a reasonably ordered "Home Sweet Home" with family help.  This program provides time-tested methods that can help you onboard your children for more successful household management.

Mindful Mother-Child Connections - Showing Grace as They Grow

Growing a child from a totally dependent being into a fully self-supporting adult is a monumental task that conjures fears of letting go.  The mama challenge becomes one where we can overburden ourselves and overstep our boundaries by not letting our children rightly mature.  Valerie has experienced the gamut of what it means to mindfully connect with her children - while letting them unfurl their wings to soar into independence.  This program will enlighten mothers on mindful practices to honor the growth and independence of their children.  




Positive Connections Programs
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