Valerie is an Air Force veteran, educator, entrepreneur, and mother of 9 inestimable children.  She brings wisdom from numerous years where she majority single-handedly nurtured her children (formerly a military spouse with untold high numbers of relocations).  She took what she learned, developed that knowledge into TUFF Mama Time (TMT) programs, and delivers them in keynotes and women's events across the country.  Her unique hardships qualifies her to deliver to both single and married moms (stay-at--home and career-minded women alike). Valerie's programs nurture mothers as they wade through tough waters as expectant moms, parents of young children, and parents establishing meaningful relationships with their adult children.  Motherhood is no "walk in the park".  It is fast-paced living full of overwhelming demands - often without right supports.  TMT programs focus on how women can realistically meet family needs while not losing themselves in the process.  

Popular TMT topics listed below.  Contact us to discuss your program needs.

Nurture the Crown: Encouragement for Moms in Challenge

Warrior Tough Tactics: Mindfully Nurturing Self

Household Organization - from Heart to Hearth

Improved Mother-Child Connections


When Life Sucker Punches & the Wheels Come Off 

Relationship Boundaries for Moms


Starting Life Over?  Here's How 




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